Sunday, August 03, 2008

LG scarlet

we had been seeing this TV advert for the past couple weeks for a faux TV series about a character called "scarlet." when we got a closer look at the "star" of the "show," we recognized her: it was natassia malthe! we remember working on several fashion shoots with this girl and her equally beautiful sister kristin (who became a nurse or something) back in the 90s. the malthe girls were eurasians, the type of beauty that sells well here and the type of beauty that will dominate the world in the future (according to the matrix 3)—they're half norwegian (or swedish or dutch?) and half malaysian (or thai?). natassia was quite the character and talked about her plans of going to hollywood and becoming an actress. sure sure... well she sure did it when we spotted her in quickie roles (as in, namamatay sha kaagad or gets dumped in the beginning) in hollywood movies. and now this! marlon rivera nicknamed her "neuro" (emphasis on second syllable), short for neurotic, kasi during a shoot she would blow hot and cold, you never knew what she would do or say. noon pa lang, diva na sha.

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Gigi said...

I think this LG TV ad series is the most annoying ever, but the girl sure looked familiar and so I'd keep staring at the screen even if I wanted to rip my eyeballs and ears off. Thanks for clearing it up for me -- now I can really walk away when the ads come on the air! :)