Saturday, August 16, 2008

now open: balenciaga

it was last january when we first spotted the tarp labeled balenciaga that covered a corner shop in greenbelt 5. seven months later, balenciaga finally opened two weekends ago. it's exciting to see more luxury brands opening here, and not just any brand, mind you. balenciaga is only like one of the hottest, most in demand, most directional, and most influential labels today. this store will carry accessories only (and jewelry too soon, we hear), while the ready-to-wear will be still be carried by homme et femme in shangri-la plaza (same owner, jappy gonzalez). so after the tod's event last thursday, we took a hop, skip, and a jump (kasi may puddles on the way ;-) to the other side. the entrance is on the outside facing the koi pond. we're liking the honeycomb design of the display wall. don't be deceived by the tiny size, there's a little room to the side to provide VVVIP customers a little privacy. there you'll find the register (so people won't see you flash your cash), the sunglass display, and seating to try on shoes. and speaking of shoes, there wasn't much, just six pairs. but we were told that more deliveries will be arriving in two weeks. when we left, jappy was sweet enough to give us a call and thank us for dropping by and taking pictures. no, jappy, thank YOU! most stores freak out when you as much as pull out a camera to shoot, say, a blouse on display because you want to check if it goes with anything in your closet. but that's another post. meanwhile, we're looking forward to what's opening next door: lusso, margarita fores's champagne and wine bar. happiness :-)


genevieve said...

hello. how much are balenciaga motorcycle bags there?

Anonymous said...

great shop! great pics! BTW
jappy is gonzaleZ with a Z.


the fash pack said...

genevieve, average price of the motorcycle bags is P70,000.

anonymous, you're right, it's gonzalez with double zz. corrected!