Monday, August 18, 2008

rajo red! press con

today was a holiday (ninoy aquino day), which meant no work—but rajo laurel made us work! (but it was worth it, we'll tell you why later...) today was the press con for "rajo red!," his fashion show charity gala to celebrate 15 years in the business and for the benefit of the philippine national red cross (makati chapter). for as long as we've known rajo (which was, well, 15 years ago), he's always been the same good-natured, happy-go-lucky person who always brightens up a room. even if he's on the, er chubby side, he was always so energetic and would often burst into song (still does!). today, he is one of the most successful and most recognized designers in the country, and one of the big reasons for that success and recognition is how he balances his creativity with business savvy (and it doesn't hurt that he has good PR). so we're really looking forward to this show. there's going to be a lot of hype. seventy pieces, which will most likely be whittled down to 50. no theme, no concept, just rajo unleashing his creativity, no holds barred. there's gonna be a lot of drama here! here's a sneak peek into the collection: surprise back view: since this is a benefit, tickets are being sold for P10,000 each. there will be a cocktail, dinner, and show, plus a giveaway from his RIIR line (bags and accessories recycled from scrap fabrics, made by the women of payatas), which you won't receive on the night itself—it will be mailed to your home via air21, one of the sponsors. isn't that clever? a sample of the bag was given with our press kit, each one with a tag attached that has the name of the woman who made it (thank you, aba adora!). and the best part: raffle! and we won! looky! thank you, rajo, and congratulations!

"rajo red!" will be on september 9, 2008 at makati shangri-la. for more information, call house of laurel, tel 895-5688, 897-5063, 896-9884, 899-9946

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