Saturday, September 20, 2008

JC buendia on celebrity duets

when we first heard that JC buendia was one of the contestants on "celebrity duets" we had to ask, are you sure?? parang we can't imagine JC belting it out. parang he's so shy. may hidden talent pala sha! ang cute niya, 'no? vote for JC buendia! we have to make him win!! but how?? they flashed the numbers for texting for all of two seconds at the end of the show, but we failed to catch it! can somebody please tell us what numbers to text?? (attention, GMA, you gotta keep those numbers on the screen for much much longer—give us enough time to write them down!!!) (or at the very least put the numbers in your website!)

"celebrity duets" every saturday at 7pm on GMA.

UPDATE: we asked JC himself what words to text. to vote for JC buendia, text this:

Duets [space] JC

then send to 367 for smart and talk 'n text; or to 2344 for globe, TM, and sun. vote vote vote for JC!