Saturday, September 13, 2008

just comparing

while we've been watching "project runway philippines" every wednesday night (actually more like the saturday-night replay—oops, it'll be on in 15 minutes!), we've also been downloading the US version. both seasons started just about the same time. last night, we watched episode 9 of heidi klum's version. the challenge was an avant-garde creation based on one of two teammates' zodiac sign (the partner was an aufed contestant). while we don't always agree with the judges' choices as the winner (both local and US), and although the so-called avant-garde designs were nothing compared to last season's winning design by christian and chris, we really liked the winning outift by jerell. today (or yesterday, depending on the time difference), the finalists showed their collections at new york fashion week. but here's the twist: instead of just three finalists, there were six! so if they eliminated two contestants this past week (just like teresa herrera's version this coming week), maybe they won't eliminate anyone next week, so all six get to present a full collection. and why not? it's the show's swan song—not forever but from bravo. might as well use up the budget haha! now doesn't jerell's outfit above kinda sorta just slightly remind you of marc jacobs' spring/summer 2009 collection (which we also love)?

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Anonymous said...

i think PR (US) did that on purpose so that we will have no idea who the final three will be. it happened to the season 4 contestants. chris march and sweet-p also presented their collection at fashion week. of course when it came to the actual episode, their collection was edited out already.

by the way, have you heard? j.Lo was supposed to be the final celebrity judge but she bailed at the last minute due to some injury or something. tim gunn replaced her. i think that's way better, hehe.

Anonymous said...

hey, check this out. it's the collection of the 6 designers: