Thursday, September 18, 2008

new at BHS

today we were early for a 12:30pm lunch at chelsea in serendra so we took a walk around bonifacio hight street. or at least tried to. it was raining and this is the problem with this open-air "mall." you're sure to get wet just walking from store to store. hmmm seems some people didn't think this through... and don't get us started on the outdoor tables and chairs that block the pathway. talk about getting wet when you have to walk around them! we finally got the chance to enter two new corner buildings. first the gap. this gap has gap kids and baby gap aside from the mens and women's sections. there's a second floor, which is still closed. we heard it's going to be make room. we also finally got to visit the huge new dimensione. you can spend an entire day here just browsing. and remember how we were just complaining about hearing christmas carols this early? well, look at what they're selling: at least there were no songs to accompany them!

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