Monday, September 22, 2008

the new shorts silhouette

we just viewed the first of the milan fashion week shows uploaded into and it's pretty obvious now what one of the strongest trends are for spring/summer 2009: loose, rolled-up—not necessarily cuffed—shorts. gone are the pekpek shorts of two years ago (and running), thank god! and thank fickle fashion trends, we of the wide hips and orange-peel thighs can now put on long-ish shorts and not feel dowdy. well, they look kinda forest-ranger-y but now they're in fashion. may we suggest you hold on to your baggy trousers, cut them at the knee, and roll up the hem—voila! it's spring/summer 2009! a few pairs to inspire you:

marc by marc jacobs:
moschino cheap & chic:
charles nolan:
lela rose:
eley kishimoto:
danielle scutt:
united bamboo:

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Anonymous said...

i like it! the length is just right, and looks really comfortable :-) nice post!