Wednesday, September 17, 2008

on a clear fabric you can see everything

boobs boobs boobs that's all we've been seeing! (and they're all nice boobs, mind you...) what will villar say? does the anti-obscenity and pornography bill cover fashion as well?? when new york fashion week ended and london began, the top trend was clear (pun unintended): it was all about transparency. the new york times and women's wear daily covered (again pun unintended) all the sheerness happening on the runway. almost all designers had at least one version of a see-through top with a pair of nipples staring back at the audience. it's a trend that hasn't made such a strong appearance (more unintended puns!) in years. then again these were random spottings (there we go again...), not full collections. we can imagine the photographers shooting the shows going wild. will the day ever come when real women will wear these tops and dresses as they were shown on the runway: sans lining or layering? do you dare to don any of these...
alexander wang
calvin klein
kai kühne
louise goldin
marc jacobs
ohne titel
stephen burrows
jeremy laing
vena cava

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