Monday, September 08, 2008

rajo laurel for plains & prints

rajo laurel has been called one of the most prolific filipino designers. and how! the guy must be stressed about his big gala tomorrow, but it sure as hell didn't look like it when he appeared for plains & prints' triple event tonight: the launch of rajo laurel's limited-edition collection for plains & prints' RAF (rich and famous) line; the introduction of their new image model paula taylor (paula who? she's a british-thai model/VJ/actress who participated at the last amazing race asia and is rumored to be marc nelson's main squeeze); and the opening of plains & prints' shangri-la plaza branch. in the tradition of mass-market brands like target, gap, and H&M hiring high-fashion designers to create limited-edition collections, rajo produced a hell of a lot of clothes for P&P! mostly blouses in white and primary colors, in wash-and-wear cotton, and in very affordable prices. the shang store had limited pieces available just for tonight and the women went wild over them! the full collection will be available in all branches by this friday. and here are the P&P gals! below, from left: owner roaxanne farillas, former image models celine lopez and gretchen barretto, and current face paula taylor.

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Mrs. C said...

oh that dress celine lopez is wearing and the top on gretchen looks really good..did you see the stuff up close? nice ba? for the price (that frilly top for 2k, eep!) sana it is naman. planning to stalk maldita on the 12th for to get first dibs hehe =D