Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rajo red!

last night was the much anticipated 15th anniversary fashion gala of rajo laurel, a.k.a. the charity ball of the red cross. the stage was huge and wide and square, but unfortunately those of us in the back didn't get a very close view :-( although we did get a clear, unobstructed view because our table was in the elevated portion of the makati shangri-la ballroom. although there was another event held at the same time at the peninsula manila (mel meer's birthday), rajo's show was well-attended and we didn't spot any empty table up front where we could park ourselves and take good shots during the show, hehe... thank you, keren, for letting us sit at your table, which was closer to the stage than ours but not close enough! the photos below will prove it! and sorry, bryanboy, we have no good pictures to share with you! hindi kinaya ng zoom, este, sorry-ass zoom, namin. thank god for models who know how to stand still for at least two seconds so we can get a non-blurry shot. for a better view of the full collection, go to the bag hag, she was luckier than we were. anyhoo, rajo told us that for this collection, he had no concept or theme or single inspiration. it's all about his imagination gone wild, his fantasy fulfilled, all translated into fabulous frocks. so don't go looking for practical clothing here. what you'll find is drama—in the silhouettes, embellishments, fabrics, materials, details, the hair (wigs styled by nelson cruz of toni & guy for bergmann wigs), the makeup (look created by his sister gela laurel), the shoes (specially made by emi jorge of solea), the accessories (provided by arnel papa, jul b. dizon, and D! luxe), the styling—in all 50 outfits! some of them (i.e., the clearest shots we could get) below (click to see the bigger picture ;-)...

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Mrs.T said...

Hey Princess!
You had great shots too!!!! And you looked fantastic last night, might I add. :)