Friday, September 19, 2008

the rajoburger

we know, we know, we said no rajo laurel updates for a while... but what can you do, the guy is everywhere! we know he's already gotten into the food business, designing wedding cakes for red ribbon (along with frederick peralta), but look at what we saw in yesterday's philippine star: it's the rajoburger! the ad is a little vague, but did rajo design this burger for brothers burger? or is brothers burger saying that "the bistro" is a designer burger, i.e., more expensive than their regular burger? if it's the latter, the copy should have read "OUR latest design," not "THEIR latest design." cause we're thinking, who is "they"? there's no ownership. (jeez, everyone's a critic!)


fuchsiaboy said...

omg! rajo is everywhere from bes sheets, to cakes, to project runway, to red cross to burgers!???

bakit???!!! burger???

mahal siguro talent fee noh? :)

i wanna be like rajo!

Anonymous said...

ate, it's 'their' because it is rajo's voice pov/voice.

kung "my designs- OUR latest design" mas mali yata?? Unless BB collaborated with Rajo to design the burger then pwede pa OUR

the fash pack said...

ate, mukhang tama ka nga...