Thursday, September 11, 2008

the fash cam: rajo's girls

sawa na ba kayo kay rajo? this'll be the last one pramis! (for now... ;-) last tuesday night, the fashion show wasn't just on the runway. the carpeted floors of the makati shang became a veritable catwalk as the coiffed and made-up guests donned their own best rajos. which gown do you like?
celine and anna
divine (with adriano)
teresa (with jojie and nix)
liza (with elbert)

there were more gorgeous gowns, but our shots ended up either too dark or very blurry! and so many others we totally missed!


Anonymous said...

mama lisa,

ganda ng gown mo. very elegant. i like your hair as well. its very "sosyal". your one of my fashion idols. i hope you show us more pictures of you in different outfits. para i can make gaya man lang. bravo!

anyways. yung iba parang basahan ang gown. i dont like them,. gowns are suppose to connote elegance. and not trash right? so wag na lang ako names. at yung isa sa picture, my gosh parang its halloween for her everyday! nakakasawa na siya. nakakasuka na antics niya. palitan na!

Anonymous said...

Venisse and Liza!

cynical_witch said...

Venisse, Emi, and Liza. Criselle looks great too, tho didn't like her gown much...

Anonymous said... I the only one who liked Criselle's gown that much? Hehe

Anonymous said...

mama lisa,

you beauty is like agot isidro. very classy, it grows on me. love your skin. morena beauty. you deserve to be a fashion lady coz you have the face. unlike the others. i dont wanna name names. anyways hope to read more of our work in the future. and you should have guy photos here as well. thanks

Anonymous said...

hi... any chismis on the KRIS vs. CHARLENE incident at the rajo red fashion show? they argued daw coz kris made parinig kay charlene na pa-star siya coz her dress didn't live up to the show's theme...

the fash pack said...

you must mean randy ortiz's show. check out the comments in our post titled "randy O!" dated sep 5, 2008