Friday, September 05, 2008

randy O!

first of all, we want to congratulate randy ortiz for finally putting up his own solo show titled "aspirer" after, what, must have been 10-15 years since the last time. we don't even remember it! wait, we think we remember it. that was where we first spotted jomari yllana strutting down the runway and thought who is this young luscious boy?? of course that was a million years ago, he's no longer a boy and no longer around!! but we digress... last night's gala was part of metrowear's series and was held at edsa shangri-la. we got there past 7pm and the lower level was already a sea of black. may dress code ba?? we got to take pictures of some of those guests in black, but unfortunately we were using a borrowed pentax camera and it's not that we didn't know how to use it because we were experimenting with the settings all night long (and four days in singapore) but our runway pictures are all bad because this camera sucks! what a lemon. it doesn't work for the runway because it isn't quick to the draw, know what we mean? that model is going to be within the frame for only a nanosecond—by the time the shutter captures her, we only get the end of her hem. plus they're all blurred. haay, we finally gave up! ok, so we've crossed pentax off our list. below is a blurry smattering of the beautiful gowns that randy showed (not the best ones, but the clearest ones). wait na lang for the reviews in star... and inquirer? we didn't get to catch diether, but we managed to capture richard gomez, looking quite youthful: just a final comment and everybody will be talking about this: that white strip made of plastic or plexiglass in the center of the runway was a big mistake. every model slipped on it, most nearly fell, and one actually did—suyen! but this is where you separate the pros from the newbies—suyen totally worked her spill into the choreography and actually posed while splayed on the floor! she got a standing ovation for that! then it was rey lanada to the rescue as he rushed onstage to help her up. sayang walang pic kasi tinago ko na yung camera by then. maybe someone got it, let us know!


Edrick said...

maybe it wasn't set well? (the pentax) hehehe
check out chuvaness, is saw some pics/links there

Anonymous said...

mama lisa,

please comment on this, i read today:

MAY eksena pala sina Kris Aquino at Charlene Gonzalez. sa nakaraang fashion show ni Randy Ortiz.
Ang kuwento, sinita ni Kris si Charlene nang makitang hindi black ang suot nitong damit.
Ang usapan daw kasi ay naka-black ang lahat ng ‘Randy Ortiz Girls’ na kasama sa fashion show na ‘yon.
Ang dahilan daw ni Charlene, hindi niya sinadya ‘yon dahil ang damit na isinuot niya ay galing mismo kay Randy at ipina-deliver ng designer sa kanyang bahay dahil kagagaling lang niya ng Dubai.
Nag-dialogue pa raw si Kris na siguro ay gusto lang ni Charlene na maiba at magpa-star kaya iba ang kulay ng damit na isinuot nito.
Nagtimpi raw si Charlene, pero nang apat na beses nang nagparinig si Kris, kinompronta na raw ito ng misis ni Aga Muhlach.
Nagsabi raw kaagad si Kris na nagbibiro lang siya.
Hirit daw ni Charlene, apat na beses na siyang pinaringgan ni Kris, kaya hindi na biro ‘yon.
Nag-deny raw kaagad si Kris na apat na beses niyang pina­ringgan si Charlene. The most daw ay dalawang beses lang siyang nagbiro.
Hindi tumindi ang away ng da­lawa dahil tinalikuran na ni Kris si Charlene.
Nag-explain daw ang misis ni James Yap sa ibang naroon na nagbibiro lang siya.
Pero napikon daw talaga si Charlene sa ‘biro’ ni Kris.
Hanggang saan kaya hahantong ang ‘eksenang’ ito nina Kris at Charlene?


me team kristeta na maypagka taklesa ang lola natin.

Anonymous said...

open letter to kris aquino!!!

mali talaga GINAWA NI KRIS. she's being a bully by acting like that. hindi niya dapat ginawa yan. sikat siya, aquino siya dapat MAGNANIMOUS SIYA.pero nagpaka taklesa siya na wala sa lugar. pareho sila ni james yap na tumalikod sa laban. sila nagsimula pero nung kinonfront na sila, talikod sila. THEY BOTH DESERVE EACH OTHER!. i like kris pero ang ginawa niya is unbecoming of an aquino. unethical! if icompare naman ang asawa niya kay aga, walang binatbat ang asawa niya. tuod si james yap. walang balls. he cant even utter one simple straight english.

si aga disente, never na napaaway, he speaks good english and sosyal ang dating.

ang tanong ko kay kris, is she bitter dahil she didnt get aga? inggit ba siya kay charlene?

im sorry kris, im your big fan pero yung mga moves mo lately looks like a desperate move on your part to create publicity! is this your desperate attempt to make noise again because your career is cold? please kris act your age. you dont deserve bad publicity! i want you to be president! and not the palingkera and awayera of showbiz! napaka cheapangga ng mga balita sayo lately. you made the wrong decision in marryinng james yap. he's a henpeck of a husband. pangatawanan mo na lang. im really disappointed with what you did to charlene. you keep on harping in your shows before na ayaw mo ng bully, na ayaw mo ng mean, pero ikaw ano ginawa mo? tsk.tsk.tsk...please lang tetay! wag ka na maging luka luka!