Saturday, September 06, 2008

SOFA so good

yesterday we were invited to take a tour of school of fashion and the arts (SOFA), more popularly known as the "set" for "project runway philippines." but this is a real school, with teachers and students and a cool curriculum. makes us want to go back to school! (and we hated school.) located on paseo de roxas corner buendia (look for the house with the big 55 out front), the school shares space with the one school, a non-traditional business school founded by lex ledesma. we really admire amina aranaz-alunan and her partners for putting up SOFA. it was just a dream she had while studying bag design at instituto marangoni in milan, italy. years later, here it is. and here she is, just days away from popping out her second baby (pero chic-a pa rin!): this is the very spare reception area with furniture by mark san diego. love the touches of hot pink here and there!

this is (or was because taping is over) where all the project runway action happens/happened: the cute lounge where students can relax and have a snack: and the newly opened retail lab, where students can actually sell their wares (we should go back and shop!):
for more information on the school and their academic calendar, visit the website school of fashion and the arts, 55 paseo de roxas ave., makati city, tel 892-8807, e-mail


Bugger said...

can anyone walk in and buy the stuff that the students are selling?

the fash pack said...

yes, bugger! store hours are 10am-7pm, monday to friday; 1-3pm on saturdays. you can also check their wares on

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Angelique. I'm in St-Remy-de-Provence now.

Anyway there are many weekend markets here that sell beautiful Proven├žal fabric. While in Manila I wanted to learn to sew, so I could hoard the fabrics, laces and vintage buttons here and make things for my French home etc. Amina and her team accommodated me in SOFA with an intensive back-to-back sewing session for four full days. I was so happy with it and had so much fun :)