Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and yet another unexpected road trip

boracay was boracay, always enjoyable. and we always try to experience something new when we're there. for the first time, we stayed at discovery shores: we've heard so much about this resort and we were not disappointed. our room was lovely, the beds are so comfy (makes you want to ditch the beach altogether), the food was good, the staff are polite and ever-ready to be at your service (although sometimes a little too eager, taking plates and glasses away from your table when you aren't done with them yet).

for the first time, we climbed to the top of boracay's highest point, mt. luho, which gives you a 360-degree view of the entire island: sad lang to see caged and tied-up animals (hawks and monkeys) up there :-(

for the first time, we tried yoga! we had an exclusive session with mo-ching at mandala spa & villas. so inspiring to do yoga with a good teacher and in a yoga shala surrounded by nature. hmmm, makes us want to do this on a regular basis because we are so not flexible!
for the first time, we went to tirta spa: located on a hill, it looks scary from the front, but inside is a lovely filipino/balinese-inspired spa with villas at the back. this just opened last april and they're even building a resort within the property. we had a combo massage and facial treatment. our verdict: let's just say that if we fall asleep and end up snoring, then it was good. haaay, just what we needed...

especially in preparation for what happened last night, on our way back to manila. for the first time, we rode PAL express. we've heard a lot of horror stories about flying this new budget airline. and we were hoping we wouldn't become a victim. well, wouldn't you know it, if we didn't call the airport to find out if our 4:55pm flight was leaving on time, we wouldn't know till we got to caticlan that the flight was canceled! the reason: during the thunderstorm in manila, as our plane was taxiing down the NAIA runway, it got struck by lightning! is that possible?? so all those passengers headed to caticlan were let off and the plane couldn't fly. (OK, OK, so in fairness, if it's true, then it wasn't PAL's fault. it was an act of god.) after a lot of confusion, we were all herded off into a bus and left caticlan for kalibo airport at 5pm, got there at around 6:40, our chartered PAL express plane arrived an hour later, departed at 8, then by a little past 9 we finally landed in manila. what a way to get home!!!

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Anonymous said...

I had the same experience with PAL Express. Flight from Caticlan should have been at 2:05PM but they cancelled all the afternoon flights 'coz they were "non-operational". But it seemed more like merging all passengers into 1 airbus in Kalibo. Like you, they transferred us from Caticlan to Kalibo for an effing 2-hour bus ride. The Kalibo to MNL bound passengers waited for us so all PAL Express afternoon passengers could join them in. We left Kalibo at 6PM!!! With your story too, I am now more convinced that they open quite a number of flight schedules to attract passengers and end up merging flights due to low aircraft occupancy. It was hell!!! Don't fly PAL!!!