Sunday, October 26, 2008

bench show at MOA

tonight, we went to see the bench show at mall of asia. bench is one of the retailers showing as part of philippine fashion week (which, we confess, we have yet to watch at SMX *insert sheepish grin*). one of the great things about bench is that you can always rely on them for good ol' basics. and for the current and upcoming holiday season, they've cranked up the volume a little just to make those basics interesting and head-turning enough. the mall's atrium was packed to past capacity and it was like being in a bench underwear show all over again because the crowd would scream and clap when their favorite celebrity endorser would walk out. we have to confess that we didn't recognize a lot of them because they're so new and so young! (and we're so old and so old!) it's a good thing we were seated next to lucy torres-gomez who would name each one for us. (or maybe it's not such a good thing to sit next to lucy. dear god, the woman is a goddess, we looked like plapla next to her :-o). anyhoo, here are some pieces to watch out for (not all pieces are available yet in the stores):

colored shorts and stripes for boys and girls:
colored jeans for him (wow, if we were a guy and had a body like that, we'd walk around topless too):

and colored high-waisted jeans for her (wow, and if we had legs like ria, we'd walk around in minis all the time)
we were with priscilla meirelles in guam and she is the sweetest, nicest gal. smart too. and another goddess:
plaid for him (we like the way two patterns were mixed here) and for her:
this will make a nice beach coverup, which can go straight from the pool to a party:
a cool look for the boys: walking shorts and a casual blazer/jacket:
and a cool back isigna:
champion swimmer enchong dee showing off those six-pack pandesal abs (yummy ba?):
bench has a collection of "green" tees with "green" messages:
this hooded tunic will be nice to wear on a long-haul flight with leggings and a soft coat:
this flame-print tee reminds us of todd oldham circa 90s when he still used to design clothes:
this top will look great on a marni-inspired outfit:
it's nice to see bench throw in some trendy items, like this long printed dress (worn by kim chiu)—it's a hot look!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms. Fashpack for an afternoon picker-upper...

Never thought a fish could sound so funny and biting.

I think i will use it next time to describe myself, should i wish not to go to a party or anything... i look like plapla right now noh kaya im not going...haha!

thanks for the line.

the fash pack said...

not to give the fish a bad name, but basura sounded too harsh haha!


Wow this is nice. Sayang I wasn't able to watch the Bench show. What time was it po ba? Pero I was there at the SMX show though. :)

P.S. Jiro(the guy wearing the stripes) is so hot. :P

the fash pack said...

hi gold edition, the bench show was scheduled sunday, 6:30pm at the atrium of mall of asia. we don't know, though, if it was happening at the same time as the SMX shows. sayang, you missed it, it was a fun show. cute clothes and cute boys!

PS: there are two more mall shows, both scheduled at 6:30pm. bayo tonight and plains & prints tomorrow night. good luck!