Wednesday, October 22, 2008

cinderella designer's competition 2008

back in manila, back in traffic, back to the sometimes idiotic system. last night was the finals night for cinderella's designer's competition at the peninsula manila. we came from legazpi village, hoping to skip the cocktails and just catch the show. well, that damn stoplight on the corner of ayala avenue and makati avenue (which we were on, waiting to cross to the pen) is insane!!! we would wait for what seemed like 10 minutes for the light to turn green and when it did, in like two seconds it was red again! then we'd have to wait another 10 minutes! insane, we tell ya! attention, MMDA! traffic can be eased with lights constantly changing and NOT with the "ubusan" system! but that's another post. haaay... so we caught the tail end when the winners were announced. (model photos below from press kit.)

third place: eugene oliva (with from left: richard santos, new cinderella endorser kristine hermosa, model)

second place: joanne lesaca

first place: niño angeles

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