Saturday, October 18, 2008

first stop: K-mart

the great thing about guam is that it's only three and a half hours away. so if you're jonesing for some good ol' american junk food, you can just hop on continental airlines' red-eye flight, sleep, and when you wake up you're on american soil. but of course you need a US visa to get in. once in, we love trawling the aisles of supermarkets, drugstores, and superstores like target, walmart, and K-mart and looking for cool products or wierd stuff or items not available in manila. the K-mart in guam is supposed to be the biggest one in the world. it's open 24 hours pa. look at what we found:

a new kind of pocket mints:
spam by the slice? why??
soft and fat oreos to make you soft and fat:
hefty bags just ain't for trash:
what kind of cheetos next? blue cheese?


Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Uyyy, those cheetos are goooood!!

marc said...

oreo cakesters are available locally at s & r. they're not so good.

Details Later said...

Hey, do they have Tylenol PM there in K-mart? How about the Martha Stewart home line? I like! Also... is the Jaclyn Smith fashion collection still alive? (Not so like on that one.)