Monday, October 20, 2008

guam shopping continues...

navigating guam is not that difficult. they have one main road where you'll pretty much find everything and anything worth visiting. and just off this main road is micronesia mall, which is owned by lucio tan. although it has a macy's as anchor, the mall is not that great. but look what we found! bench! sure, this picture could've been taken at anymall, philippines, but noooo, this is international, baby! according to the sales staff, this bench store opened some 6-8 years ago and carries pretty much the same products that bench in the philippines does. but "we have stuff they don't have, and they have stuff we don't have." but who cares?? when you have a half-naked piolo standing guard outside, you can hang out and stare all day (as those kids are doing hmmm...) the mall also has kamiseta, which looks exactly like any kamiseta store in the philippines. pero parang iba ang dating when you have an internationally recognized face as your image model. then again, what the hell is a "kamiseta"? that part is not easily recognizable. (but with guam being practically run by filipinos, that won't be a problem...) and who knew manel's was also international? we weren't sure if it was the same manel's we have back home because the store looked unfinished and was practically empty. till we saw the poster of iza calzado outside hawking shoes. but when you're next to payless shoe source... man, you better work doubly hard to get shoppers into your store!

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