Monday, October 06, 2008

happy birthday, the fash pack!

ack! it's the fash pack's third birthday today! we've gone from pink to green and who knows what we'll be next year. anyway, this is a message to readers out there: thank you to those who stop by everyday and post nice comments (well, also to those who don't comment but read us everyday :-). as for those who stop by and post nasty comments—deadma. and listen, people, don't take what we write here so seriously! we're not out to cure cancer or solve world hunger! this is just a humble fashion blog and if you don't like what we write or it offends you (jeez, we actually have that effect on you, you know who you are), please feel free to click that little link up there that says "next blog."


Mrs. Hobbes said...

Happy birthday, fashpack! Thanks for being my great source of fashion trends and collections local and international, and for your tell-it-as-it-is writing. You RAWK :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

the fash pack said...

thanks, guys!