Sunday, October 19, 2008

the hermès report

yesterday we went to the duty free shop in guam. it looks so different from when we first visited it some eight years ago. if we remember correctly, back then louis vuitton was the only luxury brand there. the rest of the store had sections of brands like paul smith, ralph lauren, anna sui, and other obviously forgettable labels. and a whole lotta beauty stuff. today the beauty brands remain, but now the big-time luxury labels have joined LV and built freestanding shops: chanel, dior, gucci, prada, ferragamo, burberry, loewe, chloé, marc jacobs, etc, and of course the ultimate, hermès. we don't usually enter this store because *sigh* we can't afford anything and we're hoping that one day our benefactor can. but this time we did (enter, that is) because of what caught our eye inside:
whaaa?!? shelves and shelves of actual birkins and kellys?!? (and there were three of these locked-up glass cabinets.) is that five-year waiting list merely an urban legend?!? and we must brush up on our hermès trivia because we didn't know that the birkin came in a 25cm—it is soooooper cuuuuute!!! we want one!!! there was an aqua blue (is it called pool, baghag?) in togo leather—haaay... if only we had $7,250 to spare... they also had a black patent in croco leather. maybe some people can afford it at $17,000+ but we sure as hell can't! in any case, if you can, best to buy your hermès in guam because the SA claims that they sell 'em cheaper than paris. she claims their prices are 30-35% lower than paris! can anyone confirm this?!?


Mr. Shopaholic said...

calling the attention of The Bag Hag, Mrs. T we need your expertise for this entry! :-)

anna said...

can't even get a birkin in madrid anymore. they forward you to paris branches.

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Its actually Blue Jean-- that "pool" colored one. There's also Lagoon which is a more bright blue-green color, which I see absent from the photo.

But ahh there's a Jypsiere in blue jean as well. And the birkins I see are both in croc-- one matte and one shiny.

What a yummy place to shop indeed if we have cash in hand :D

the fash pack said...

yes, lagoon! that's the name we were looking for (basta may double O haha). thanks, mrs. T. (psst, there were three of these glass cabinets—yum yum yum!!!)