Friday, October 10, 2008

let's eat: terry's selection

have you eaten at terry's? they have a branch at pasong tamo extension and at the podium. and ever since word got around the 'hood—the salcedo village neighborhood, that is—that they were opening here, there was much anticipation. we don't live in that 'hood but spend a third of our day there, so we were looking forward to it too. we finally went two weeks ago. if you haven't been, it's a narrow space in the same building occupied by another neighborhood hangout, apartment 1B. it's white, it's bright, and has three floors. first floor has tables and chairs and deli items behind display chillers off to the side. the second floor partially overlooks the first floor. it also has tables and chairs and shelves on one side that were still empty, which will probably be filled with imported canned goods. the third floor also has some seating but more bar/lounge type. this floor is more for shopping, where you get the canned and bottled goods and deli items. this is also where you choose your wine if you order it at your table. we ordered a château marsac seguineau 2001 margaux, cru bourgeois, which the waiter offered to decant. sounds kinda pretentious, but this actually improves the taste of the wine, especially for one so young. but the best part was when we got the bill, the price of the wine was the same as the sticker price on the bottle—no corkage! (unlike other restos that sell wine at retail on the premises.) and now for the food. sorry, no pictures, we were hungry haha! we ordered chipirones en su tinta (P495) and coq-au-vin bourgogne (P360). the thing with the food at terry's is that you get no surprises. it's comfort food that you're familiar with, that maybe even your cook or you yourself can make at home. no bursting flavors in your palate, no subtle hints of this herb or that spice. it's safe, it's an old reliable, it's consistent. we think it's just what you expect—and get—from a hangout in the 'hood.

terry's selection, G/f one lafayette square, 132 LP leviste cotner Sedeño streets, salcedo village, makati city, tel 889-3194

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