Monday, October 13, 2008

mama's got a brand new cam

the fash pack has a new camera! finally! as some of you may recall, we have been complaining about our ancient canon ixus. the ol' gal had seen better days, er, pictures and was giving up on us. so we've been in the market for a new digital camera and since no one offered to sponsor us (oo na, cheap na kung cheap!), so we got ourselves a brand new panasonic lumix DMC-LX3, which came highly recommended by a couple of photography buffs whose taste and skill we trust. it's not quite as sleek as a sony cyber-shot and might not fit into our tiny evening purse, but we wish we had it when we attended the formal opening of the escada, escada sport, and st. john boutiques in greenbelt 5 last october 8. look naman at these shots. er, lousy shots. we were on the front row, but unfortunately, the models did not pause in front of us and just kept walking by. more like rushing by. our by-now-low-tech canon just could not keep up...



can't wait to test this cam at the next fashion show!

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