Thursday, October 09, 2008

mango in boracay

we were going through our photos from our loooong road trip... and our short water one. and our random shots going around boracay. now if there's a d'mall... there's also an e-mall... unfortunately, it's an ugly cement building that doesn't blend well at all with its tropical surroundings. it's still under construction, but look what's going to open there soon... so if you want to go shop at a mango outlet, would you rather drive to starmills in pampanga or fly to e-mall in boracay?


christine said...

hi fash pack! i love your blog. i read it everyday :)

this is not related to your post but i was just wondering, are there tickets available for the up coming philippine fashion week or is the event by invitation only? if yes, where can i purchase? i really wanna watch.

thanks :)

the fash pack said...

philippine fashion week spring/summer 2009 will be on oct 22-29 to be held at SMX convention center and at SM mall of asia. it's by invitation only, but if you aren't on the list and are interested in watching, you can text PFW to 4483 (for smart subscribers only, though), then you get a reply with instructions on how to get tickets. good luck!