Wednesday, October 08, 2008

triple X event

oooh, what's happening at diesel at power plant mall? the three giant X's stand for roman numeral 30—it's the italian denim brand's 30th birthday! it's older than some of you out there! to celebrate this milestone, diesel in power plant mall joins 159 other select branches around the world that will sell the limited-edition, one-of-a-kind "dirty thirty" jeans—for one day only! so on october 10, this friday, starting at 11am, be part of denim history by becoming an owner of only 30,000 "dirty thirty" jeans produced. (can you imagine how much this will be worth on ebay someday??) they're even having a massive party, which will begin in tokyo on saturday at 6pm and sweep across the international time zone through beijing, dubai, athens, helsinki, amsterdam, barcelona, copenhagen, milan, munich, paris, oslo, stockholm, zurich, london, and sao paulo. we wanna be there, anywhere, waaah! well, we can, kinda, by going to and watch any of the parties around the world online in real time. cool! or take part by wearing the "matic" style for women... ... or the "heeven" style for men. oooh, sexy...! we likey likey! check out the details: a back patch with XXX, a one-off "dirty wash" treatment with side abrasion and hand-made repair patch, side embroidery stating the dates 1978-2008, and buttons customized with "diesel 1978." save the date: see you october 10, 2008, friday, 11am at diesel, power plant mall!

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