Saturday, October 25, 2008

we love rafé

rafé totengco is in town! we knew we missed a lot when we ended up not going out thursday night, but little did we know we missed rafé too! he was at the project runway finals night at SMX because he is the guest judge. lest everyone forget, rafé started out as a fashion designer when he was still living in manila. back in the 80s, he had an avant-garde line called schizo. he used to hang out at a club called subway in malate. he had long straight beautiful hair—pang commercial, we swear! the long hair is gone, but he still has that same malambing ilonggo demeanor. even back then, rafé had something special. he was someone you wanted to get close to because he had a light that you wanted to reflect off of you, know what we mean? up to now, we want to get close to him, haha! anyhoo, after project runway, he attended the folded & hung 10th anniversary at a.venue, which we heard was a really great show. congrats, ronald! and this afternoon, there was a little tea party at the rafé store at greenbelt 5 to present the fall collection. and of course rafé was there to meet and greet his fans and followers and sign their bags! yes, we saw him actually sign several bags with a black marker! dang, we should have brought our rafé! or maybe we should we have just bought a new one... this was our favorite, the waldorf in shiny croc-stamped leather. it comes in black, green (our color of choice), and maroon. it's the perfect size for work and as a handcarry bag for travel. and at P36,999 is the most expensive in the collection: maybe we should go for this one instead because it's the cheapest in the bunch. the stuyvesant quilted nylon for P17,999: or maybe, we'll just wait or the sale!

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