Thursday, November 27, 2008

mayhem in mumbai

it's been nearly 24 hours since the terrorist attacks on mumbai, india. the fash pack would like to take this moment and offer prayers to the victims who have lost their lives, to those who have been injured, to those who are still being held hostage, and to the country that this standoff will soon end and that peace reigns.

(photo credit: getty images)

Monday, November 24, 2008

FWQ: cesar gaupo

we know we've been a delinquent blogger, posting sporadically. or only when we can bear to face a computer again after nine hours a day of sitting in front of one with words words words crossing our eyes. so before we go off once again into the real world, we have to post this for posterity. cesar gaupo, saving the best for the last of the fashion watch quartet series (of course this happened last thursday ö). we love this collection. cesar took a basic silhouette—hourglass—and did magical things with it. he manipulated luscious silk fabrics like clay, molding them into pleats and folds and origami-like details. he cinched the waist with modern interpretations of the obi belt. he mixed brocade upon brocade in a pleasing combination. and we were not the only ones to make the shanghai tang connection (he used to be its creative director). and he made the shoes too!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

australia vs israel

this is not a war. it's not even a football game. it's about two new brands opening shop in the same mall on the same day at the same time. one is from australia and the other is from israel. and each brand had its mother country's ambassador present for the ribbon-cutting. serious stuff. which one to attend? both! which one to attend first? the one closest to the entrance, i.e., on the first floor. tonight's first stop at 6pm in greenbelt 5, phase 2: jurlique. jurlique is an australian beauty brand that uses ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms. it is distributed locally by luxasia, which also handles high-end cosmetics brands shiseido, guerlain, and yves saint laurent, as well as luxury fragrances by bulgari, calvin klein, and jean paul gaultier, among others. jurlique sells nice-smelling stuff for your face, hands, and body in attractive, no-nonsense packaging. we got a citrus hand cream that smells yummy. gets rid of the flakes too. tonight's second stop: fox. fox is the biggest retail brand in israel. it's also found all over europe. it is distributed locally by suyen corporation, which also owns bench, human, the face shop, aldo, charles & keith etc etc etc! fox sells casual basics and sportswear. lots of knit tops, jackets, and winter accessories. they even have a fox baby line! just like baby gap!

tonight's winner: greenbelt 5. every day for the rest of the month till christmas, store after store will be opening in the new phase.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FWQ: ivarluski aseron

before we view the last collection of the fashion watch quartet series this week, let's see last week's show.

Monday, November 17, 2008

reporting for duty... ish

we know, we know, the fash pack has been missing in action for nearly a week now. unless nobody noticed. guess not. anyway! there's lots to report from the fashion and fashionish front. it's just that sometimes (ok, a LOT of the time), the job that pays gets in the way. (yeah, right, GETS IN THE WAY.) we'll get back to our regular programming soon... ish...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

photographer launches iphone-only style mag

Here to save those who are tired of listening to music, making calls, playing games, organizing their lives and waving light sabers on their iPhones, PMc is the world’s first paid, iPhone-only magazine. Named after its creator—noted nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan—the bi-monthly title is pronounced ‘Pee-Mick’ and is the property of New York-based Hot Phone Hit Factory. PMc’s target audience of style-conscious readers can download the mag from the iPhone App store for USD 0.99.

Like other new magazine concepts Issuu and MagCloud, PMc holds a large advantage over conventional publications by escaping large and costly print runs. And although it might be less glossily satisfying than a printed mag, the digital format eliminates transportation and waste, and can be purchased and carried wherever the reader goes, no matter how small his or her it bag is. Although it’s a first, don't expect PMc to be the only magazine of its kind. The iPhone’s low-cost platform presents a low-risk testing ground for new publications, with a convenience factor that could encourage established brands to reach out to customers in new ways.


Spotted by: Ruben Trist


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

big apple news

no, this is not about new york. this is about THE apple. and here's the big news: apple store is now in the philippines! not a real, live one, though, but a virtual one.
just launched today! the official apple online store. don't believe us? go here: anything you can buy in a real, live apple store anywhere in the world, you can buy in the online store. well, almost everything. like the itunes store gift cards are exclusive only to the US. (aww, no fair...) PLUS shipping is FREE anywhere in the country (for orders over P3,000—hell, that's just a shuffle and a case!). PLUS prices are cheaper than any local brick-and-mortar apple-reseller store (plus tax inclusive pa daw). PLUS they sell the product red ipod nano (not available in any local store—officially, that is). PLUS free ipod engraving. PLUS—and here's a big plus—if you buy today, you get this free apple T-shirt! limited edition! till supplies last!
Exclusive T-Shirt

Monday, November 10, 2008

travelife: nov/dec 2008

model nicole dizon thommes in moana surfrider, waikiki, hawaii. photographed by raymund isaac. styling by liza ilarde. makeup by nina midori wurlitzer, hair by alana morton. dress by tinsley

Sunday, November 09, 2008

greenbelt 5, phase 2

a few nights ago, we walked through the part of greenbelt 5 that has zara. they knocked down the wall next to it and if you walk in and all the way to the end, you end up in, ta-daa, greenbelt 1! with the new phase open and so bright and so attractive (even if most stores are still closed), people's tendency is to walk towards it. like moths to a flame. kawawa naman ang phase 1. so dark and empty. (except for restos like john & yoko and fely J's). what amazed us the most: the row of watch stores. brands like chopard, audemars piguet, jaeger-lecoultre, IWC, panerai, and breitling each has its own freestanding store! ang yaman ng pilipinas! on the other side, there's omega, rolex, and patek philippe. oh so many new stores, including brands not previously available here like spanish brand trucco, japanese brand onitsuka tiger, british brand fred perry, and more. some interesting signs we saw along the way at havaianas, DKNY, and adora...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

FWQ: joey samson

a very joey samson collection. but that's not to say it was predictable. there were many surprises, especially when the model turned around. she looked good coming and going. impeccable tailoring, but not stiff. the fit was flawless, thanks to seams, darts, and panels in all the right places, hugging and skimming curves where they, well, curve. all those intricate little details, which you have to see up close, made the outfits just that much more special. the palette of black and gray was classic joey. the leggings gave the outfits extra edge and those shoes! apparently they were made by janylin—are they available in the stores?? and no joey samson show would be complete without menswear. high-waist trousers, leggings under shorts, skintight cropped pants, short-sleeved blazers, and peek-a-boo shirts, anyone?

Friday, November 07, 2008

project bilibid

we kid you not when we say you have never seen a fashion show like this. ever. pramis. a few weeks ago we got a call from puey quiñones asking us to be a judge on his new project: a fashion competition among his students at the bureau of corrections. "parang project runway," he said. only this one is inside a prison and the designers are prisoners! about a year ago, puey started teaching a weekly fashion creativity class for the inmates. they're quite an artistic bunch—he even utilized their talents by having them paint his clothes, which he presented in a fashion show last january. so there we were wednesday evening, judges knitwear designer lulu tan gan, fashion show director robby carmona, and li'l ol' us inside the social hall. it looked like a high-ceilinged gym in a school. there was a proper runway, monobloc chairs arranged theater style, guests having cocktails (notice how they turned the runway into a table? how very dries van noten!), and in the back, bleachers filled with men in bright orange shirts. could they be the murderers and rapists inside this maximum-security jail? and there he was, the proud teacher, hobnobbing with them, puey quiñones. let the show begin! there were seven groups presenting. each group had five members who worked on one gown. aside from painting the fabric, the "designers" also incorporated found objects like aluminum softdrink cans, plastic bags, walis tingting, ribbons, etc. prepare to be impressed...








3rd prize: group #5
2nd prize: group #4
1st prize: group #6

congratulations to all the designers on a job well done! big congratulations also go out to puey! we hope you continue doing this wonderful project, giving hope to these inmates and developing their talents, making them useful citizens of society. looking forward to "project bilibid" 2009!