Tuesday, November 11, 2008

big apple news

no, this is not about new york. this is about THE apple. and here's the big news: apple store is now in the philippines! not a real, live one, though, but a virtual one.
just launched today! the official apple online store. don't believe us? go here: http://www.apple.com/ph. anything you can buy in a real, live apple store anywhere in the world, you can buy in the online store. well, almost everything. like the itunes store gift cards are exclusive only to the US. (aww, no fair...) PLUS shipping is FREE anywhere in the country (for orders over P3,000—hell, that's just a shuffle and a case!). PLUS prices are cheaper than any local brick-and-mortar apple-reseller store (plus tax inclusive pa daw). PLUS they sell the product red ipod nano (not available in any local store—officially, that is). PLUS free ipod engraving. PLUS—and here's a big plus—if you buy today, you get this free apple T-shirt! limited edition! till supplies last!
Exclusive T-Shirt

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