Friday, November 07, 2008

project bilibid

we kid you not when we say you have never seen a fashion show like this. ever. pramis. a few weeks ago we got a call from puey quiñones asking us to be a judge on his new project: a fashion competition among his students at the bureau of corrections. "parang project runway," he said. only this one is inside a prison and the designers are prisoners! about a year ago, puey started teaching a weekly fashion creativity class for the inmates. they're quite an artistic bunch—he even utilized their talents by having them paint his clothes, which he presented in a fashion show last january. so there we were wednesday evening, judges knitwear designer lulu tan gan, fashion show director robby carmona, and li'l ol' us inside the social hall. it looked like a high-ceilinged gym in a school. there was a proper runway, monobloc chairs arranged theater style, guests having cocktails (notice how they turned the runway into a table? how very dries van noten!), and in the back, bleachers filled with men in bright orange shirts. could they be the murderers and rapists inside this maximum-security jail? and there he was, the proud teacher, hobnobbing with them, puey quiñones. let the show begin! there were seven groups presenting. each group had five members who worked on one gown. aside from painting the fabric, the "designers" also incorporated found objects like aluminum softdrink cans, plastic bags, walis tingting, ribbons, etc. prepare to be impressed...








3rd prize: group #5
2nd prize: group #4
1st prize: group #6

congratulations to all the designers on a job well done! big congratulations also go out to puey! we hope you continue doing this wonderful project, giving hope to these inmates and developing their talents, making them useful citizens of society. looking forward to "project bilibid" 2009!


sippinslow said...

WOW! these are REALLY impressive. some are even better than the pieces some designers made on project runway philippines!

Razielle said...

looking at the photos I was going to say ang ganda nung # 6, sila pala nanalo. ang galing :)