Monday, November 03, 2008

soap from the soap factory

we had a lonely halloween this year, spent home alone with a bottle of wine to party with all night. all throughout all saints day, we were by our lonesome with only the spirits to keep us company. that's why while we were watching downloaded final episodes of "project runway" (the most lackluster season talent-wise, in our opinion), we picked up a delicious scent wafting through the air... was it flowers...? inaaaay! pataaaay! wait a minute, relax, don't be ridiculous... so we looked around and found the source of the scent: it was a gift bag from the soap factory! a few days before, we were sent samples of this new soap shop in SM's the block in north EDSA. believe us when we say these hand-made soaps using all-natural ingredients are delicious—because they look like real food! the packaging of the "yummy" line even says "do not eat" because the soaps look like real donuts, cakes, and tarts. they even have a line called "SOS," which stands for "save our skin." more like save us. with names like "wrinkle be gone" and "zit away," you know what they'll do for you, but how about "divine comfort: best for those who underwent severe ailments such as chemotherapy, radiation and depression." there are two more lines, one called "TLC" for natural skin. it has variants like pumpkin, shea butter, cocomilk, olive, and the latest sensation moringa (a.k.a. malunggay)... ... and "world's best" made with ingredients from around the world, like macadamia nut from hawaii, beer from germany, and halo-halo from our very own shores.


Anonymous said...

mama lisa,

is chuvaness out of the philippine star? i noticed i dont read her articles in the star anymore? can you give us the inside story on this? nakakaloka naman, fasyon pa naman ang lola chuvaness natin. What happened ba? she writes really well pa naman.

Anonymous said...

they look good enough to eat.