Wednesday, December 31, 2008

top 10 trends of 2008

it's the last day of the year and you know what that means. it's time for the fash pack's annual year-end list of the top 10 trends for 2008. let's see if we can come up with 10. check out our list below and tell us if we missed or missed anything.

1. gladiator sandals the gladiator sandal has been around for thousands of years, from the time of jesus christ. but instead of wearing them with a flowing white robe and walking with them on water, women wore them with breezy printed dresses for that luxe-boho look, or those crazy knee-high styles with short shorts. while they still work as a comfy weekend staple, the gladiator sandal has reached the obsolescence stage for now. if you bought an expensive pair, don't worry—they'll be back in style in another couple decades. (photo: ria bolivar in an extreme way to wear gladiator sandals at the technomarine launch)

2. colored opaque tights we've been seeing lots of legs in black opaque tights for the past two years now, which have evolved into colored opaque tights, which are slowly evolving into patterned tights. a fun look but quite tricky to wear. if you haven't got the personality to go crazy with the combos, you may find difficulty in pairing what color tights with what outfit and shoes. (photo: models wearing colored opaque tights by kate torralba for city lady stockings)

3. platform heels walang kamatayang platforms! and short girls everywhere are thankful! the styles that were released this year, however, have been the most, er, "creative" so far. while some elicit a how-the-hell-can-you-walk-in-those reaction, most were actually pretty comfortable and came in very versatile designs for all aspects of your life: work, weekend, evening, formal, etc. (photo: ornussa cadness in crazy-ass platforms by louis vuitton)

4. jeans/pants as leggings so you bought that cute little minidress and wore it to death—on its own, with tights, with leggings. now give them new life and wear them over your jeans as a tunic. or maybe you bought that cute little minidress, thinking, i just have to lose the last 10 pounds then i can wear it, but in the meantime wore them over skinny pants and thought to yourself, this is so comfortable, i don't have to lose those last 10 pounds after all! (photo: outfit by puey quiƱones)

5. open-toe boots they, especially ankle-high ones, were treated almost like sandals. especially when women got inventive by giving their precious little cocktail dresses some edge by wearing them with these boots. kinda cool, kinda grungy. (photo: outfit by joey samson, shoes by janilyn)

6. my pilipinas shirt it was the great equalizer: the "my pilipinas" shirt designed by rhett eala for collezione C2. everyone, from little kids running around the park to big government officials running the country, wore it this year. and if you wore it abroad, it was like you were part of a secret club because only a filipino would recognize the philippine map embroidered over one's heart. the message was "i love the philippines." (photo: collezione staff in my pilipinas shirts)

7. designer collaborations while some collaborations actually started last year or have been ongoing for years or were one-off projects, 2008 was the year of the collaboration when established companies (some non-fashion) wanted to amp up their image by attaching their name to a designer's name (or is it the other way around?). and there will be more next year, just you wait. among the notables: rhett eala for collezione, kate torralba for city lady stockings, lesley mobo for bench body, rajo laurel and frederick peralta for canadian bed linens, rajo laurel and frederick peralta for red ribbon bakeshop, rajo laurel for plains & prints, rajo laurel for brothers burger. (photo: rajo laurel at his plains & prints launch)

8. rajo laurel rajo rajo rajo! rajo was everywhere this year. easily the busiest designer this year making him the fash pack's designer of the year. the first half of the year led up to metrowear in july, fashion watch in august, his rajo red! 15th-anniversary gala in september, his grey-goose-sponsored birthday party, his holiday collection for globe, not to mention all his collaborations, weddings, trips abroad, blog on, the guy is busy busy busy! and if it seems that he's exhausted all possibilities possible, you haven't heard the last from this prolific designer. we have a feeling there's something "international" brewing for 2009... (photo: rajo red! stage, makati shangri-la)

9. printed maxi-dress this was the perfect dress to put on when on the beach or in a resort and it was time for a nice little dinner out. then it found its way into the city—malls, nights out, even the office! this strappy floor-sweeping easy breezy printed dress was best worn with flat sandals, natural hair, stacks of bangles or layers of thin necklaces, and a cute little purse. (photo: kim chiu in herbench)

10. eco-bag it was nice to see when women would pull out their own eco-bags when shopping. it was also nice to see retailers produce their own eco-bags for customers to take home and re-use when making future purchases in other stores (it was a great marketing tool, too, by the way). some even recycled their billboards into tote bags. this is one trend we hope will continue next year and beyond. (photo: tote bag recycled from a bench billboard)

trend to watch in 2009: harem pants, a.k.a. drop-crotch pants, diaper pants, lawlaw pants.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


it must have started about two and a half months ago. we used to post almost everyday. we were so masipag about blogging. it was our form of relaxation. it was therapeutic. after a day in the office dealing with non-fashion things, we couldn't wait to share with readers what was hot, new, fresh, exciting about fashion. it's nice to hear when people tell us they read our blog regularly or they learned about something from our blog or they use our blog for research or they even "steal" pictures from our blog hehe... then we were blogging less and less... till this month must be our least number of posts. pahabol na lang ito till the end of the year. are we experiencing burnout? are we bored? should we shut down this blog? and put up another one? should we just concentrate on facebook? should we move to livejournal? (actually we do have a livejournal.) should we re-design the look of this blog? or maybe we're just bored with the content? maybe we should shake things up a little bit? add new features? include regular topics? more personalities? how about making ourselves the personality? in other words, should we just out ourselves???

Saturday, December 27, 2008

year-end prep

it's just a few days away from the new year and you know what that means: time to get a new journal for 2009. last year, we listed down our requirements for datebooks for office use and for personal use. and this time, starbucks is off the "for consideration" list because, even if it's nice, it's not spiral. hard to use on a daily basis. but that's just us. we've received some complimentary corporate agendas from different companies like thai airways, waterfront hotel, and dusit thani. we also received this cute planner called "belle de jour." the belle de jour power planner started two years ago when its creator couldn't find the perfect planner to organize her life (hmmm, gives us an idea ;-) so she designed her own, to much success. it's got tons of other stuff that you don't see in corporate planners (tracking your menstrual cycle, anyone??). it's also got tons of discount coupons. since it was created for the "pinay fashionista achiever," it's almost like having a mini-magazine with practical tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, wellness, work, travel, and lots of inspirational chuva, even a "dream board" page (haay, we won't wanna look at that page in a year's time, baka ma-depress lang kami... haay, talk about being in a serious funk!).

oh and of course, here's the weekly format, just the way we like it:
the belle de jour planner is available in national bookstore, powerbooks, and more stores. for the complete list of outlets, go to

Friday, December 26, 2008

worst christmas ever

well, maybe not the worst worst because we've had worst, but one for the books. aside from the fact that we've been in a serious funk for the last month or so, last tuesday night, on the 23rd, we had dinner out with a couple of colleagues. we must have eaten some bad sashimi—or just too much sashimi..?—because we started the next morning, christmas eve, the 24th, with a queasy stomach. then came the puking. then more puking. we couldn't keep anything down, not even water. bad sashimi? or too much sashimi? must have been a really bad virus. bad virus! *spank* so we spent the whole day in bed, our plans of wrapping gifts completely shot. by 7pm, we forced ourselves out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, went to our parents' house for our traditional christmas eve get-together, and proceeded to lie down on the sofa. and slept. all doubled up. but we did get some really elegant gifts this year. which made us smile :-) big smile :-D we used to think it was kinda tacky to show off in a blog what you got for christmas, but what the hell, these are just too lovely not to share...

thank you thank you thank you to everyone who sent presents, no matter how big or small. receiving each one was a wonderful surprise.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

robinsons midtown
greenbelt 4
marc by marc jacobs, greenbelt 5
the fort
power plant mall
levi's, greenbelt 5
manila city hall
taal vista hotel

Saturday, December 20, 2008

book launch: 50 Must-Buys In Manila

go go go today! the authors janina dizon hoschka and michael salientes are launching at fully booked, bonifacio high street from 2-6pm today. and if you buy the book within those hours, you qualify for the raffle! that's a definite *must* because you can win any one of these faboo prizes:

• Jul Dizon Jewellery worth P 30,000.00
• Jewelmer pearl pendant worth P 30,000.00
• Paul Syjuco Jewellery worth P 20,000.00
• Arnel Papa Jewellery
• 2 handpainted Jusi wraps by Puey Quinones worth P 7,000.00 each
• Joey Samson shirt
• Eairth top
• Soumak place mats
• Jewelmer book worth P 2800.00 each
• Vintage Restore bag worth P 4,500.00
• Shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Woman worth P 700.00
• Children's toys worth P 500.00
• Sacha and the little Man baby clothes worth P 800.00
• The Spa burner set worth P 1,500.00
• Prizmik and Brill luggage
• Buddy Trinidad cake worth P 1,500.00
• Sunshine Puey Pengson degustation dinner for 2 worth P6,000.00
• Home scent by Gemma Suzara
• Barong by F. Trinidad gift certificate
• Gift certificate from Sei Salon worth P 1500.00
• Gift certificate for a bikini by Ric Vicencio
• Hat by Mich Dulce
• Barako coffee from Figaro
• Organic Skincare by Leyende
• Gift certificate to the Devarana Spa at the Dusit
• 2 Gift certificates by QI Wellness worth P 450.00 each
• Christmas decor by Casa Mikael
• Cutlery by Elm's Accessoria de Casa
• Candles by Alice Blue worth
• Stationary by Rina Albert worth
• 4 Cigar sets by La Flor de la Isabela worth P 1,280.00 each

buy more books and that means more chances of winning. give the books away as christmas presents! then you're done with your shopping list! see you later...

Friday, December 19, 2008

hello, anybody home?

some people say writer's block is a myth, a condition created by lazy people. or not so brilliant people who can't come up with anything. well, what about blogger's block? because that is what we are experiencing right now. in fact, for the past month or so. wikipedia says writer's block happens because of a lack of inspiration. we guess you can say it's the same for us. no inspiration. according to, if you're experiencing blogger's block, try out some "blogging prompts". sounds lame to us. just face it. maybe we're just lazy. or not so brilliant.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

it's not easy being green?

yesterday our order from arrived. it arrived in this big box wrapped in plastic. we opened the box... threw out the kraft paper and found a letter and a catalog... the letter said, "before wearing your shoes outside, please take a few minutes to try them on a carpeted surface." only we didn't order shoes. we ordered something smaller and lighter: it's a silver bangle by marc by marc jacobs! and zappos needed to ship this tiny tiny thing in a big-ass box! we guess it's probably because zappos started out selling just shoes, then when they started selling smaller items, they didn't produce smaller boxes for shipping. or maybe they just ran out... and what about the local apple online store? we ordered a product red ipod and it arrived two days later like this: this was how big the plastic bag was for this tiny tiny thing: at least we got to recycle the plastic bag into a trash bag.

Monday, December 08, 2008

sale! sale! sale!

text message alerts! click back for updates!
• from charina sarte: "as a holiday treat, we are doing our year-end sale from dec 8-30. prices from P500-3,000 for resort and evening wear. see you at 3302-C matanzas st., palanan, makati city, near cash & carry, buendia, tel 556-6440. visit soon for the best pieces. merry xmas."
• "the big puma outlet sale on dec 11-20 at jannov building G/f, along pasong tamo extension, makati city. open from 10am-7pm. big big discounts on footwear, apparel, and accessories. up to 70% off! it doesn't get any better than this!!"

Saturday, December 06, 2008

men in tighty whiteys

this event yesterday afternoon seemed too good to pass up, so even if we had to wait for an hour before anything happened, we stuck around. it was for the launch of calvin klein men's underwear at bonifacio high street. since this is a "family-oriented" shopping center, they couldn't let the boys in their undies outside the store—too scandalous. so they covered up the store with silver paper and left a little "window" open for us, the audience, to peep in. so the boys came out fully clothed then started to undress. ooooohhh...

and let the show begin!
only alex van hagen was allowed inside the store where he got up close and personal with the boys. not too close now, alex! oops! this innovatve presentation was done by jackie aquino. it kinda reminds us of another innovative presentation done by robby carmona for kate torralba's limited-edition collection of stockings for city lady, which was held at the peninsula manila three weeks ago. the stage was set up in such a way that all you could see were the models' stocking-clad legs. then the models came out so we could see how to style and wear these colored and printed tights. cute! we love it!