Saturday, December 20, 2008

book launch: 50 Must-Buys In Manila

go go go today! the authors janina dizon hoschka and michael salientes are launching at fully booked, bonifacio high street from 2-6pm today. and if you buy the book within those hours, you qualify for the raffle! that's a definite *must* because you can win any one of these faboo prizes:

• Jul Dizon Jewellery worth P 30,000.00
• Jewelmer pearl pendant worth P 30,000.00
• Paul Syjuco Jewellery worth P 20,000.00
• Arnel Papa Jewellery
• 2 handpainted Jusi wraps by Puey Quinones worth P 7,000.00 each
• Joey Samson shirt
• Eairth top
• Soumak place mats
• Jewelmer book worth P 2800.00 each
• Vintage Restore bag worth P 4,500.00
• Shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Woman worth P 700.00
• Children's toys worth P 500.00
• Sacha and the little Man baby clothes worth P 800.00
• The Spa burner set worth P 1,500.00
• Prizmik and Brill luggage
• Buddy Trinidad cake worth P 1,500.00
• Sunshine Puey Pengson degustation dinner for 2 worth P6,000.00
• Home scent by Gemma Suzara
• Barong by F. Trinidad gift certificate
• Gift certificate from Sei Salon worth P 1500.00
• Gift certificate for a bikini by Ric Vicencio
• Hat by Mich Dulce
• Barako coffee from Figaro
• Organic Skincare by Leyende
• Gift certificate to the Devarana Spa at the Dusit
• 2 Gift certificates by QI Wellness worth P 450.00 each
• Christmas decor by Casa Mikael
• Cutlery by Elm's Accessoria de Casa
• Candles by Alice Blue worth
• Stationary by Rina Albert worth
• 4 Cigar sets by La Flor de la Isabela worth P 1,280.00 each

buy more books and that means more chances of winning. give the books away as christmas presents! then you're done with your shopping list! see you later...

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wysgal said...

I'd but it if it were a magazine ... but ~Php500 for a book whose contents will go out of date (and fashion) in less than a year's time is too expensive for me.