Friday, December 19, 2008

hello, anybody home?

some people say writer's block is a myth, a condition created by lazy people. or not so brilliant people who can't come up with anything. well, what about blogger's block? because that is what we are experiencing right now. in fact, for the past month or so. wikipedia says writer's block happens because of a lack of inspiration. we guess you can say it's the same for us. no inspiration. according to, if you're experiencing blogger's block, try out some "blogging prompts". sounds lame to us. just face it. maybe we're just lazy. or not so brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Hi this is Angelique. I was also hit with blogger's block. Twice in fact.

Until I realized that what caused my blogger's block was that I was absorbing too much information from too many news websites and blogs that my brain was full and could not create. For some reason, creation occurs when there's room for creation. When there's empty space. Something out of nothing. That's why many writers hole themselves up in a deserted island / country house to finish that novel.

So you're probably not lazy. Your brain is just full.