Saturday, December 13, 2008

it's not easy being green?

yesterday our order from arrived. it arrived in this big box wrapped in plastic. we opened the box... threw out the kraft paper and found a letter and a catalog... the letter said, "before wearing your shoes outside, please take a few minutes to try them on a carpeted surface." only we didn't order shoes. we ordered something smaller and lighter: it's a silver bangle by marc by marc jacobs! and zappos needed to ship this tiny tiny thing in a big-ass box! we guess it's probably because zappos started out selling just shoes, then when they started selling smaller items, they didn't produce smaller boxes for shipping. or maybe they just ran out... and what about the local apple online store? we ordered a product red ipod and it arrived two days later like this: this was how big the plastic bag was for this tiny tiny thing: at least we got to recycle the plastic bag into a trash bag.


fuchsiaboy said...


how sad.

razielle said...

i was just wondering if you were charged any tax by the post office?

I'm a little hesitant about ordering stuff online because one time we ordered cymbals from ebay and I was charged additional taxes when the cymbals arrived here from the US. The previous owner listed the cost of the cymbals for insurance purposes and the post office charged me tax based on that cost.

Anonymous said...

peste. all the while being "green" is all the rage with these companies. im particularly miffed with that iPod packaging... I mean being a red product and all... gah, pointless.

Mrs. Hobbes said...

omg, for a moment there I honestly thought you were a victim of a gag or something! Nice bangle and iPod! (wala bang close up?) :D

Cynthia said...

@razelle Different post offices, different endorcement of customs policies. The Makati post office will go out of its way to charge you customs and duties on anything, especially when it's marked The QC office is surprisingly lax.

Once, I ordered the LOTR boxed DVD set and had it shipped to Makati. I paid nearly 100% in taxes. My officemate ordered the same thing a week later and shipped it to QC; all she paid was Php 35.

I'm curious though.... Does the discounted price of Zappos offset the international shipping cost?

Anonymous said...

that's ridiculous!