Saturday, December 06, 2008

men in tighty whiteys

this event yesterday afternoon seemed too good to pass up, so even if we had to wait for an hour before anything happened, we stuck around. it was for the launch of calvin klein men's underwear at bonifacio high street. since this is a "family-oriented" shopping center, they couldn't let the boys in their undies outside the store—too scandalous. so they covered up the store with silver paper and left a little "window" open for us, the audience, to peep in. so the boys came out fully clothed then started to undress. ooooohhh...

and let the show begin!
only alex van hagen was allowed inside the store where he got up close and personal with the boys. not too close now, alex! oops! this innovatve presentation was done by jackie aquino. it kinda reminds us of another innovative presentation done by robby carmona for kate torralba's limited-edition collection of stockings for city lady, which was held at the peninsula manila three weeks ago. the stage was set up in such a way that all you could see were the models' stocking-clad legs. then the models came out so we could see how to style and wear these colored and printed tights. cute! we love it!

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