Wednesday, December 31, 2008

top 10 trends of 2008

it's the last day of the year and you know what that means. it's time for the fash pack's annual year-end list of the top 10 trends for 2008. let's see if we can come up with 10. check out our list below and tell us if we missed or missed anything.

1. gladiator sandals the gladiator sandal has been around for thousands of years, from the time of jesus christ. but instead of wearing them with a flowing white robe and walking with them on water, women wore them with breezy printed dresses for that luxe-boho look, or those crazy knee-high styles with short shorts. while they still work as a comfy weekend staple, the gladiator sandal has reached the obsolescence stage for now. if you bought an expensive pair, don't worry—they'll be back in style in another couple decades. (photo: ria bolivar in an extreme way to wear gladiator sandals at the technomarine launch)

2. colored opaque tights we've been seeing lots of legs in black opaque tights for the past two years now, which have evolved into colored opaque tights, which are slowly evolving into patterned tights. a fun look but quite tricky to wear. if you haven't got the personality to go crazy with the combos, you may find difficulty in pairing what color tights with what outfit and shoes. (photo: models wearing colored opaque tights by kate torralba for city lady stockings)

3. platform heels walang kamatayang platforms! and short girls everywhere are thankful! the styles that were released this year, however, have been the most, er, "creative" so far. while some elicit a how-the-hell-can-you-walk-in-those reaction, most were actually pretty comfortable and came in very versatile designs for all aspects of your life: work, weekend, evening, formal, etc. (photo: ornussa cadness in crazy-ass platforms by louis vuitton)

4. jeans/pants as leggings so you bought that cute little minidress and wore it to death—on its own, with tights, with leggings. now give them new life and wear them over your jeans as a tunic. or maybe you bought that cute little minidress, thinking, i just have to lose the last 10 pounds then i can wear it, but in the meantime wore them over skinny pants and thought to yourself, this is so comfortable, i don't have to lose those last 10 pounds after all! (photo: outfit by puey quiƱones)

5. open-toe boots they, especially ankle-high ones, were treated almost like sandals. especially when women got inventive by giving their precious little cocktail dresses some edge by wearing them with these boots. kinda cool, kinda grungy. (photo: outfit by joey samson, shoes by janilyn)

6. my pilipinas shirt it was the great equalizer: the "my pilipinas" shirt designed by rhett eala for collezione C2. everyone, from little kids running around the park to big government officials running the country, wore it this year. and if you wore it abroad, it was like you were part of a secret club because only a filipino would recognize the philippine map embroidered over one's heart. the message was "i love the philippines." (photo: collezione staff in my pilipinas shirts)

7. designer collaborations while some collaborations actually started last year or have been ongoing for years or were one-off projects, 2008 was the year of the collaboration when established companies (some non-fashion) wanted to amp up their image by attaching their name to a designer's name (or is it the other way around?). and there will be more next year, just you wait. among the notables: rhett eala for collezione, kate torralba for city lady stockings, lesley mobo for bench body, rajo laurel and frederick peralta for canadian bed linens, rajo laurel and frederick peralta for red ribbon bakeshop, rajo laurel for plains & prints, rajo laurel for brothers burger. (photo: rajo laurel at his plains & prints launch)

8. rajo laurel rajo rajo rajo! rajo was everywhere this year. easily the busiest designer this year making him the fash pack's designer of the year. the first half of the year led up to metrowear in july, fashion watch in august, his rajo red! 15th-anniversary gala in september, his grey-goose-sponsored birthday party, his holiday collection for globe, not to mention all his collaborations, weddings, trips abroad, blog on, the guy is busy busy busy! and if it seems that he's exhausted all possibilities possible, you haven't heard the last from this prolific designer. we have a feeling there's something "international" brewing for 2009... (photo: rajo red! stage, makati shangri-la)

9. printed maxi-dress this was the perfect dress to put on when on the beach or in a resort and it was time for a nice little dinner out. then it found its way into the city—malls, nights out, even the office! this strappy floor-sweeping easy breezy printed dress was best worn with flat sandals, natural hair, stacks of bangles or layers of thin necklaces, and a cute little purse. (photo: kim chiu in herbench)

10. eco-bag it was nice to see when women would pull out their own eco-bags when shopping. it was also nice to see retailers produce their own eco-bags for customers to take home and re-use when making future purchases in other stores (it was a great marketing tool, too, by the way). some even recycled their billboards into tote bags. this is one trend we hope will continue next year and beyond. (photo: tote bag recycled from a bench billboard)

trend to watch in 2009: harem pants, a.k.a. drop-crotch pants, diaper pants, lawlaw pants.


Anonymous said...

Re: My Pilipinas shirts. I'd love to sell these in Canada and I wonder if I could obtain them directly from the manufacturer. I'd appreciate very much your assistance, please.

the fash pack said...

hi queensquaygal, they have website, go to the collections page where you'll find a contact collezione link. good luck!