Saturday, January 24, 2009

the terrace at 5th opening

there's no stopping greenbelt 5. they keep dreaming, so they keep building. stop dreaming na! last night was the formal opening of another new restaurant there called the terrace at 5th. parang fifth floor. or fifth avenue? terrace is located outside phase 2, facing greenbelt 2, so they have outdoor seating and a garden view. must be lovely during the daytime. we should go back on another day to have a proper meal because the place was packed inside and sweltering outside. we want the cold weather back, waah! terrace is co-owned by chef cecille ysmael (who also co-owns and cooks at thai at silk in serendra); other partners include ivy and cynthia almario (who designed the green-themed interiors), ching cruz, maricris zobel, carol garcia, and menchi soriano. so soshal! so you can expect manila's 500 present last night (and every night they hope). food is supposed to be home-cooked-style meals straight from their families' heirloom recipes. here's a shot of the facade (oops some sweaty guy walked in front of us!): here's cecille and proud hubby louie Y: and a smattering of the "500" who came:

the terrace at 5th, greenbelt 5, tel 729-6860, 729-0860, +63917-827-6860, e-mail


Anonymous said...

food was passable, shared toilet (?) and having dined there twice (lunch & dinner) left with the impression of a polished establishment (with trademark Almario design) but with quite detached & unwelcoming (manager & hostesses especially)service.

Unless your'e part of Manila's 500 or citizen of the society page then theyre all over you but if youre just any tom, dick and harry thats another story at this joint.

pretty (like their owners), tasty but really no warmth or welcome (unless youre a society page citizen).

Anonymous said...

at the bar I like the attitude and services of the bartenders! i like mojito