Wednesday, February 18, 2009

beer for bags

those crazy guys at crumpler are at it again! if you want to buy a crumpler bag and don't have the cash, not to worry! just go buy beer instead and use that to pay for your crumpler! from february 21-26 only, you can use beer as currency at the bonifacio high street branch. the price of the bag will come out to almost half off! better start hoarding; your friendly neighborhood shopwise might run out of stock. (and get to the store early or they'll run out of stock.) here's your guide to the price (take note, may kasama pang chicharon) (click the pic to enlarge): then this promotion culminates in a beer-for-bags party on february 27, 8pm at warehouse 135. that's probably where they'll bring all the beer they collect! for more information, go to

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