Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the fash back

yes, dear readers, all three of you left who constantly check every day, the fash pack is back in the good ol' philip-pines. sorry na-bitin kayo sa mga non-posts namin. haay, ang sarap mag-bakashon, to travel to a country where you have no obligation whatsoever to take down notes about where you went, what you did, what you ate, where you shopped, what you bought—because you don't have to. now it's back to work, back to reality... ooh but look at what was sitting on our desk when we came in yesterday: a new lipstick by guerlain! it's called le rouge écrin, which translates to jewel lipstick compact (naks, marunong na daw mag-french... well, that's what it said on the box, OK?). it looks quite space-age, like it was designed by someone who designs high-tech concept cars. meaning it's not meant to be used but to be stared at and admired. and to tell you the truth, we might have had to be satisfied doing just that because we didn't quite know how to open it... you simply pull one end out and voila! out pops a mirror! pull it out some more and there was the lipstick. this shade is called grenade. nice. and nice to look at. we'll get around to actually using it soon...

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Edrick said...

they should have made a self-defense version, one that has a hidden knife/pepper spray! it looks more like a weapon/shaver-ish than a lipstick to me. hehehe ;-p

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