Friday, March 27, 2009

john legend in manila

last night we watched the john legend concert at araneta coliseum. although we like john legend and we think he has a unique, sexy voice, we wouldn't call ourselves big fans. but we had a couple free tickets, courtesy of a celebrity friend (thanks, cherie!). well, we're glad we went! ticket said the show would start by 8pm and shows at araneta usually start on time, but by 8:20, nothing was happening. maybe they were waiting for the coliseum to fill up? then we found out that the front act, which was supposed to be john legend's brother (who knew??), lost his voice, so there wasn't going to be a front act! ten minutes later, the lights dimmed, the music began, and out came the crooner. here's his encore, "ordinary people" (warning: this is a long video, nearly eight minutes):

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