Monday, April 20, 2009

banana rep s/s 2009

banana republic sure has come a long way. we remember back in the 80s when banana republic used to be a humble catalog, printed in brown kraft-like paper, featuring safari- and trekking-type clothing that were not even photographed but drawn. each item was described in detail and where you might want to wear it and made you fantasize about wearing those belted khaki jackets and cargo trousers while traveling to some exotic destination. then banana republic was bought by the gap and the whole image changed. gone were the adventure fantasies and in their place, er, corporate fantasies. the clothes became so straight-laced and, well, boring for lack of a better word. it looked like everybrand. we were no longer interested.

last thursday, banana republic in greenbelt 5 presented their spring/summer 2009 collection. sure, there were some cute pieces, perfect for summer, for both men and women. but somehow the romance and character and uniqueness of the brand is gone. poof. it's been over 20 years since those catalog days. we miss those catalogs. we wish we kept them...

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