Thursday, April 16, 2009

diesel black friday

we got this in the mail today. sounds kinda crazy, sounds like a lotta fun! check it out:

Diesel surely knows how to make an exciting, fun, and new shopping experience for their avid shoppers! This year is no exception as the brand’s newest global promotion kicks off this coming April 17, 2009 – Diesel Black Friday.

A whole weekend of guiltless shopping awaits you, as Diesel issues free illegal banknotes called Diesel Black Money, the official currency of Diesel Black Friday. It can be spent in 23 different countries around the world at all Diesel stores, as well as through the online flagship and in selected points of sale worldwide. In Manila, spend these illegal banknotes in Diesel Greenbelt 3, Rockwell and Shangri-la during the already infamous Diesel Black Friday and all weekend long, from April 17-19, 2009, and go crazy with 30% off on almost all of your favourite Diesel items on display.

Expect the unexpected – Diesel Black Money will be distributed through exciting and surprising guerrilla marketing activities all over the world. Bundles of the illegal currency will be found in unexpected places in cities. Keep your eyes peeled: Diesel Black Money could be at your next shopping stop, your favourite night spots, or just around the corner.

Watch out as more privileges await customers on April 17th in celebration of the official Diesel Black Friday kick-off. Have a blast while you shop with entertaining dance-remixed sounds like “Money Honey”, “Dirty Cash”, “Material Girl,” and many others from the Diesel music vault, as well as free Starbucks coffee from 2pm onwards. Diesel stores will definitely be crowded with fans enjoying the first day of Diesel Black Friday weekend!

Diesel Black Money is available in all Diesel chains, select SSI stores including Beauty Bar, Lush, Fruits & Passion, and Makeroom, and Customer Service Desks of Greenbelt 3, Rockwell, and Shangri-la Plaza Mall Cinema Ticket Center.

Stay tuned for more and enjoy shopping during Diesel Black Friday!

hmmm where should we hang out so we can be handed some of these "official illegal diesel black money"? read on...

Grab a


and run to

Diesel Rockwell, Shangrila or Greenbelt 3

on April 17-19, 2009

to get a 30% discount on most items on display!

Watch out as something special awaits you on the day of the 17th,

the official Black Friday kick-off day.

*Coupons are available in Diesel Rockwell, Shangrila and Greenbelt 3; Selected Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) stores; Shangrila Ticket Counter and Customer Service Desk; Greenbelt 3 Customer Service Desk; Rockwell P2 North and South Entrances
*You can also print out the attached coupon and simply present it to any of the Diesel stores listed above!

so yes you can print out the official illegal diesel black money you see below and use it as legal tender at diesel stores in power plant mall, shangri-la plaza, and greenbelt 3! (tell them the fash pack sent you... charing! kaching!)

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