Monday, April 27, 2009

new new soul

last thursday, the face shop launched a new new soul fragrance. actually four of them—soul secret blossom, soul sweet pleasure, soul wish upon a star, and soul essential for men. parang from the name pa lang, you can more or less tell what each one smells like—light and breezy. but feel free to sniff them out for yourselves at the store. they always have testers that you can spray...

they also launched a new makeup collection for spring/summer. nice packaging!

they had some celebrity endorsers present at the launch held at dimensione's third-floor space in bonifacio high street. we spotted isabel daza (daughter of former miss universe gloria diaz—parang how passé to always identify her that way, noh?), bianca king, and iya villania... well as these pretty young thangs who modeled the "loooks"... ...and these cute promo gals in matching outfits who handed out the giveaways... and can we mention that they had a little gimmick where you had to write in a post-it how you would finish this sentence: "if i were 15 again, i would..." and we answered: "...wear a two-piece bikini and become a bench body model." our answer was picked and we had to go up front to read it, ngek! and we were hoping we would win a prize or something! or something!! ;-)

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