Tuesday, April 14, 2009


hot! sizzling! on fire! no, we're not talking about the comments on our post about the helium club. (although we could be, hmmm...) we're talking about the weather! punyeta ang init!!! the temperature is so high outside, it's affecting the air-conditioning inside. it would be nice to just sit in a tub full of cold water. or maybe just stand under the shower. even just watching that ad for the new yellow dove soap is so refreshing. last weekend when we went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of dove body wash, we didn't see anything yellow on the shelves. we didn't know it even existed. until we saw the TV advert a couple days later that made us go, we want that! well, somebody heard us because today we found a sample on our desk! thank you, dove! you only happen to be our favorite brand of soap! (oops it's not a soap, it's a "beauty bar.") so tonight we used it and all we can say is aaahhhh blissssss...

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