Saturday, April 04, 2009

sale! sale! sale!

why doesn't anyone tell us about these sales?? if you don't leave your house and trawl the malls, you really won't know about these "secret" sales unless they send out text alerts or some kind soul informs you. so let us be the kind soul to inform you that dimensione in bonifacio high street is having a clearance sale—since january 23! oops we took a picture of the wrong sign. the other one said the sale ends may 3. most of the sale items are in the third-floor unfurnished space, which is hot and not air-conditioned. lamps! pillows! candle holders! candelabras! glasses! bedhseets! and, yes, even a bed! but look around the rest of the store, there are lots of other items with that lovely orange tag :-) we were able to buy two glass platters at 50% off and two chairs at 30% off!

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Rachelle said...

I'm so laos I wasn't even aware of this--and I'm at Dimensione High St almost every week. OK I'm high-tailing it over there (and those candlesticks will look cool re-wired into lamps...pang "praps" namin hehe). ;)