Sunday, April 26, 2009

vogue may 2009

several days ago, we received our US vogue subscription for may 2009. shock! awe! not just one but NINE models on the cover. well, of course only three are actually on the front; the rest are tucked into the gatefold. the last time vogue did this was exactly two years ago, when they heralded "the world's next top models." this issue should be a collector's edition because not only are models on a fashion-magazine cover a rarity these days, there is not a single celebrity featured inside! it's all about models models models! but that is not the real groundbreaking thing vogue did. this must be the first time in the history of any vogue to put a black woman on the cover for THREE consecutive issues! first it was US first lady michelle obama in march, then superduperstar beyoncĂ© in april, now supermodel liya kebede in may (never mind that she's sharing space with two caucasians). (come to think of it, if you count the inside flap, there are TWO black women on the cover, the other being jourdan dunn.) to think before this, the last time vogue put a black person on the cover, which was in april 2008, it wasn't even a woman! of course in this day and age that shouldn't be a big deal anymore. especially with a black man now residing in the white house. but the media—especially american media—like to make a big deal out of any story that involves race. so will vogue make it four in a row? we doubt it. according to the cover-rumor-thread forum on, cameron diaz will be on the june cover of US vogue. bakeeet??? well, probably because a blue-eyed blonde sells better than any other type of beauty and probably because her new movie "my sister's keeper" will be out.

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RCXY said...

they had michelle obama last month :)