Friday, April 03, 2009

zona sul to close

we love a sale just as much as the next, er, recessionista/frugalista/tipidista, so when we see signs like this, you can bet we're gonna walk through that door: but when the sign says "closing sale" it also makes us a little sad that the business didn't work out, or that they no longer could afford the rent, or that the merchandise just didn't appeal to the market... but why shouldn't it? zona sul was selling the same stuff you could buy in any shop in power plant mall—jeans, T-shirts, bikinis, summery dresses, strappy sandals, even stuff for men. maybe it was because the market was not familiar with the brands? zona sul carries brazilian brands, which most filipinos are not familiar with, and being a brand-conscious market, we're not sure we want to spend P6,000 on a cotton dress by neverheardofbrand. could that be it? anyhoo, go go go before the sale ends on apr 15! they'll be adding new merchandise this weekend!


Anonymous said...

where is zona sul? x yeyey

the fash pack said...

power plant mall, second floor, in between bench and kashieca