Sunday, May 31, 2009

celestina home

weekends are home-improvement days for us. and today as we re-arranged our old, tired, and boring furniture, we thought about the cool pieces we saw during the "debut" of the celestina home collection last tuesday. held at a private home on mckinley road in forbes park, the viewing was for the ocampo couple to get feedback on these select few pieces before they are presented at trade shows in new york and milan later this year. as tina (the brains behind the precious celestina accessories) walked us through the collection, she told us that the home line was really her husband ricco's baby. working on the same aesthetic as her minaudières, using indigenous materials and handcrafted in the philippines, the little tables, chairs, trays, picture frames, and storage boxes are meant to be used as accent pieces—to add interest to an already existing home. they're not meant to be taken as a set to decorate an entire room. so which of these pieces do you think would look good in your home?

tiny tables topped with shagreen and reptile skin and legs shaped like roots and bamboo twigs:
a lovely corner vignette:
chair made of mother of pearl and a ponyskin cushion:
resin molds of actual rocks from batanes beaches:
a stack of trays to be stored under a splatter-design resin cover:
for inquiries, e-mail

Saturday, May 30, 2009

promod GB5

the first time we saw the brand promod must have been in glorietta 2, the now demolished mall. tama ba, did they have a branch there before the whole place exploded a year and a half ago? they moved to greenbelt 5 and last wednesday had their formal opening. french brand pala sha. when we were in paris last march, we saw their shop on the champs-élysées and it looked like most "high-street" brands like mango, zara, topshop, etc. too bad it was a sunday, so it was closed (only louis vuitton was open and it was full!) back to the launch. they had a fashion show outside, using the long pool of water as a catwalk. we took pictures, but most of them turned out bad because somebody fiddled with our camera settings! so unless the model stood still, the pic ended up blurry. here are a few clear-ish shots. see anything you likey like?

Friday, May 29, 2009

portraits of feet

last night we attended the exhibit opening of pete jimenez titled “if the shoe fits.” now we don't know pete but when anything has to do with shoes, we are so there! so off we went to the water dragon gallery at the second floor of the yuchengco museum at the RCBC building. all we can say is, er, mabuti na lang we had a hidden agenda, which was to view the other shoe exhibit “portraits of shoes: stories of feet” whose opening we missed last apr 28. OK, can we say that any fashion lover, whether or not you're into shoes, MUST see this exhibit. they have like a thousand (OK, maybe a hundred) shoes that span centuries, design aesthetics, functions, colors, materials, and tolerance for pain! a few samples:

chanel platform shoe with lightbulb heel, 2007:

does this shoe condone or condemn guns? chanel platform shoe with revolver heel, 2008:

a running shoe that follows a runner's tiptoe position, just like a cheetah's. adidas, 2007

talk about constantly being on tiptoe! ballerina by paco rabanne, 1989:
more crazy platforms! fetishist's shoe by hellstern, circa 1920s:
this one will take a long time to remove once you tie 'em all up. pleaser by marina faust, 2009:
an actual couture boot by christian lacroix! f/w 2007-08. doesn't it remind you of some of bea valdes's neckpieces?
"baroque rock & roll illustrations"—we want one! (or all!)
UPDATE: don't forget to go up to the fourth floor—that's where the local designers have their shoes displayed. nobody told us, so we missed it waaah!

“portraits of shoes: stories of feet” at the yuchengco museum 3/f and 4/f, RCBC plaza, ayala ave. corner gil puyat ave., makati city. exhibit runs till jun 20, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

sale! sale! sale!

from paul smith, greenbelt 5 and shangri-la plaza:
from ben sherman, shangri-la plaza:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

make your own havaianas 2009

starts tomorrow! ends jun 1! at the rockwell tent! so don't delay and join the queue! (because there WILL be queues. and how.) but yesterday, there was a special, exclusive, by-invitation-only MYOH for special friends of havaianas and we were invited, woo-hoo! *feeling special* this will be the fourth MYOH and it has just grown through the years. the first two years it was held at the north court of power plant mall. last year it moved to rockwell tent to better handle the swell of the crowd. and each year, they introduce limited-edition pins. this time, they have philippine-themed pins, like the jeepney, vinta, philippine map, and a cute tarsier! so after roaming around, quaffing and noshing, deciding on our combinations (check out that funky chandelier made completely out of havaianas—we want one to hang in our sala!)... there was a show of slippers... a little hosting by bianca gonzalez and andrew arellano... then let the games begin! there were like over a hundred of these guys and gals working away at those soles, straps, and pins... and here are our havaianas! hot pink soles, crystal pink straps, and tarsier pins :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

rajo's birthday sale

last few days! and starting tomorrow till friday, it's buy-one-take-one! what could be better than that?! so go! now na! (or wait till it opens pala ;-)

Monday, May 25, 2009

swine flu


Philippines tracing 50 people for swine flu
Updated May 25, 2009 05:52 PM

MANILA, Philippines (AP) – Philippine health officials are trying to locate at least 50 people who attended a wedding with a Taiwanese woman and her daughter before they tested positve for swine flu.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque said today a woman and her five-year-old daughter went to a wedding in Zambales province and got sick after returning to Taiwan last week.

He said health workers are trying to trace people who may have been exposed to the pair and have them tested for swine flu.

The Philippines has so far confirmed two cases of swine flu. Both have recovered.

all this swine-flu business is making a lotta people very nervious. there should be serious campaigns informing people on how to prevent the spread of this virus and how to avoid getting it. often times it's as simple as washing your hands with soap and water. we should really start keeping a little tube of liquid soap in our kikay kit because a lot of public toilets don't have soap—or people steal them, ugh. (those mini sizes of shower gels from hotels would be perfect.) and when you travel, it's a good idea to bring some alcohol or lysol with you to swipe or spray anything you touch (before you touch it, of course). you never know who's been there before you and what they did, eww! lately we've been bringing along this spray bottle whenever we travel: it's called se-và service mat and towel refresher. made of non-toxic and earth-friendly ingredients, it's really for people who go to the gym or yoga studios. you're supposed to spray it onto your yoga mat before using it (and maybe after, for the next person :-) also on towels. you can even spray it on your skin—it's got a subtle lemony scent. but it works just as well in a hotel room. call us OC or OA, but we have the habit of spray-and-wiping alcohol on the toilet bowl, faucets, door knobs, and TV remote control before we use any of them. like we said, you don't know who was there before you and what they did!

se-và service mat and towel refresher (P350) available at aura athletica, certified calm, and pulse yoga .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

let's eat: mesa

greenbelt 5 has so many restaurants that when it's time to decide where to eat, our tendency is to go to old reliables like cibo or any larry cruz resto. one night, we decided to try something new: mesa, which calls itself filipino moderne. we liked the facade: we liked the interiors: we liked the restroom: and we like the food! great for sharing! we ordered bangus belly bistek style, braised in soya and calamansi (P280). it was soft, tasty, and had the right amount of tang: crispy duck, 1/4 duck deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce (P390). they had other interesting and inventive duck dishes, like patotim, duck adobo, and duck curry (we wanna go back and try all of them!): and for some roughage, asparagus tips, fresh asparagus with our fermented sauce topped with toasted garlic (P180): everything tasted good with our bagoong rice that we had to order another bowl! we were stuffed! but happy. our wallet was happy too. and guess who we saw there that night, table hopping: senator francis pangilinan. apparently, he's a partner and is there almost every night.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

coke light's passionistas

we just got an email from calcarrie's announcing that their top model teresa herrera is the new endorser of coke light. we haven't seen the print ad, though. wonder if it has a TV advert as well. coke light has to pump up their marketing campagins because ever since they introduced coke zero, we heard that coke light sales have really gone down. so low, in fact, na nabubulok lang ang mga deliveries. maybe the coke zero promo blast backfired? well, in our opinion, mas masarap ang coke zero. it tastes almost like the real thing. and coke light is too "gay" for straight men to order. as in, parang it's so gay to be so conscious of calories. i'm a man, gimme the real thing! coke zero is more "macho"—the name, the packaging, the taste. now it looks like they're really marketing coke light to women. especially with last week's launch of coke light's toast to "passionistas."
Last May 14 at the Ayala Museum, the world-renowned beverage Coke Light launched A Coke Light Toast to Passionistas, an affair which paid tribute to five Filipino women of passion, recognizing them for having made a remarkable difference in society in their own way despite their demanding careers and busy lives. Coming from diverse fields such as entertainment, medicine and media, each of the six outstanding women championed causes covering relevant issues through partner advocacies. Hailed as the Coke Light passionistas were fashion avant-garde Tessa Prieto-Valdes for the Philippine National Red Cross, columnist Mons Romulo-Tantoco for Pink for Life Foundation, actress and singer Agot Isidro-Sandejas for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo for the Manila Boystown together with TV host and the face behind the current Coke Light campaign, Teresa Herrera, for Trees for the Future.

we caught teresa and her beautiful family: mom and sisters rosario and vicky... mons and aivee (the new comestic surgeon/dermatologist to the stars and socialites) with melo (aka queenmelo :-)... and hot new soap-opera kontrabida in "tayong dalawa," agot...

Friday, May 22, 2009

where in the world is marc jacobs?

last night we had to go to louis vuitton in greenbelt 4 to return some items we pulled out for a shoot. haaay such is the life when you have no assistant. buti pa yung intern namin, nag-bakashon sa australia. when that was done, we mozied on down towards greenbelt 3 when a black-clad waiter walked by with a tray of champagne. haaay we could use one of that, we thought, as he entered the marc jacobs store. wha? a party with bubbly and we weren't invited?? er, that's because it was a little soiree to introduce the new collection to MJ regulars. which we're not. not yet anyway. we'll wait for the sale hehe...

there's val! and bianca! don't they look fab in their MJ outfits? (note to self: do not stand next to tall and thin and gorgeous supermodels...) and here is serena, the retail merchandiser for marc jacobs hong kong, also in a cute MJ dress: we jokingly asked her, "where's marc?" she replied, "oh, he's in hong kong." huwaaaat? then why are you here?? apparently he was there to attend some artsy fartsy thingy for louis vuitton. check out nutrilicious's blog to see how they wrapped the entire facade of the hong kong museum of art with richard prince's work. wish we were there!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

adam vs kris

so american idol is over. kris allen won and adam lambert lost. boo. we're sure the blog universe has written ad nauseum about the biggest upset in AI history. shall we join the fray? nah. because we're also pretty sure adam will end up the bigger star. he already IS a star. so kain na lang tayo, pwede? have you tried the latest flavor of krispy kreme called apple cheesecake? the kind people at KK sent us a box of a dozen pieces and when we opened it, admittedly medyo nakakalula. we usually just order our favorite glazed; so seeing 12 doughnuts stuffed with, er, stuff, parang busog na kami. so after sharing half with the office peeps, we had one for breakfast every day for the next three days. and each day it still tasted as fresh as the day it was baked. highly recommended with a cup of coffee :-) but what we REALLY want to try is the new chocolate glazed. yum... :-P

PS: beginning last may 8, KK started hosting weekly classes for kids who want to become junior chocolate chefs. open to kids ages 7-10, the two-hour classes will cover the history of doughnuts and krispy kreme, a tour inside the famous krispy kreme kitchen, and a hands-on lesson on the basics of cake and doughnut decoration. krispy kreme perks include apron, cap, a dozen krispy kreme chocolate doughnuts, exclusive krispy kreme icing recipes and ingredients, and a special krispy kreme junior chocolate chef certificate. all for only P499! visit krispy kreme in bonifacio high street on fridays for classes hosted by certified wilton cake decorating instructor, vicky veloso-barrera. to register, call 840-3694 or 812-6596 and look for wanda de guzman or email for class schedules and availability, go to