Sunday, May 31, 2009

celestina home

weekends are home-improvement days for us. and today as we re-arranged our old, tired, and boring furniture, we thought about the cool pieces we saw during the "debut" of the celestina home collection last tuesday. held at a private home on mckinley road in forbes park, the viewing was for the ocampo couple to get feedback on these select few pieces before they are presented at trade shows in new york and milan later this year. as tina (the brains behind the precious celestina accessories) walked us through the collection, she told us that the home line was really her husband ricco's baby. working on the same aesthetic as her minaudières, using indigenous materials and handcrafted in the philippines, the little tables, chairs, trays, picture frames, and storage boxes are meant to be used as accent pieces—to add interest to an already existing home. they're not meant to be taken as a set to decorate an entire room. so which of these pieces do you think would look good in your home?

tiny tables topped with shagreen and reptile skin and legs shaped like roots and bamboo twigs:
a lovely corner vignette:
chair made of mother of pearl and a ponyskin cushion:
resin molds of actual rocks from batanes beaches:
a stack of trays to be stored under a splatter-design resin cover:
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