Saturday, May 23, 2009

coke light's passionistas

we just got an email from calcarrie's announcing that their top model teresa herrera is the new endorser of coke light. we haven't seen the print ad, though. wonder if it has a TV advert as well. coke light has to pump up their marketing campagins because ever since they introduced coke zero, we heard that coke light sales have really gone down. so low, in fact, na nabubulok lang ang mga deliveries. maybe the coke zero promo blast backfired? well, in our opinion, mas masarap ang coke zero. it tastes almost like the real thing. and coke light is too "gay" for straight men to order. as in, parang it's so gay to be so conscious of calories. i'm a man, gimme the real thing! coke zero is more "macho"—the name, the packaging, the taste. now it looks like they're really marketing coke light to women. especially with last week's launch of coke light's toast to "passionistas."
Last May 14 at the Ayala Museum, the world-renowned beverage Coke Light launched A Coke Light Toast to Passionistas, an affair which paid tribute to five Filipino women of passion, recognizing them for having made a remarkable difference in society in their own way despite their demanding careers and busy lives. Coming from diverse fields such as entertainment, medicine and media, each of the six outstanding women championed causes covering relevant issues through partner advocacies. Hailed as the Coke Light passionistas were fashion avant-garde Tessa Prieto-Valdes for the Philippine National Red Cross, columnist Mons Romulo-Tantoco for Pink for Life Foundation, actress and singer Agot Isidro-Sandejas for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo for the Manila Boystown together with TV host and the face behind the current Coke Light campaign, Teresa Herrera, for Trees for the Future.

we caught teresa and her beautiful family: mom and sisters rosario and vicky... mons and aivee (the new comestic surgeon/dermatologist to the stars and socialites) with melo (aka queenmelo :-)... and hot new soap-opera kontrabida in "tayong dalawa," agot...

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